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A fermented-food diet reduces inflammation!

According to Stanford School of Medicine experts, a diet rich in fermented foods increases the variety of gut bacteria while lowering inflammatory molecular markers. 36 healthy individuals were randomly allocated to either a fermented or high-fiber diet over a 10-week period in a research study. The gut microbiota and the immune system were both affected differently by the two diets. Overall microbial diversity increased after eating foods including yogurt, kefir,…

The ‘smart’ shirt keeps an eye on the heartbeat!

Carbon nanotube thread sewn into sports clothing collected ECG and heart rate data that equaled conventional monitoring and outperformed chest-strap monitors.The shirts are machine washable and made of flexible fibers. If your comfortable shirt can monitor your heart better than uncomfortable smart watches or chest straps, there’s no reason to wear them. This is the concept of “smart clothing” created by a Rice University lab, which used conductive nanotube thread…

A hot dog may cost you 36 minutes of healthy life!

According to a recent research, eating a hot dog may lose you 36 minutes of healthy life, but eating a plate of nuts can help you gain 26 minutes of additional healthy life. According to a University of Michigan study, published in the journal Nature Food, researchers evaluated over 5,800 foods, rating them based on their nutritional illness burden on people and their environmental impact. It was discovered that replacing…

Benefits of eating walnuts!

Healthy older adults who ate a handful of walnuts a day (approximately 1/2 cup) for two years had a slight reduction in their LDL cholesterol levels. The number of LDL particles, which is a marker of cardiovascular disease risk, was also lowered when walnuts were consumed on a daily basis. The study looked at the impact of a walnut-rich diet on overall cholesterol levels in elderly people from various countries….

High BMI causes depression

A large-scale new research offers additional evidence that being overweight causes melancholy and decreases wellbeing and suggests both social and physical variables may play a role in the impact. With one in four people considered to be obese in the UK, and increasing numbers of children afflicted, obesity is a worldwide health issue. While the risks of being fat on physical health is well recognized, researchers are now finding that…

How to reduce weight naturally

This article helps you how to reduce up to 10 Kgs of body weight and can get a flat belly in one month only by drinking a glass of water. This remedy is highly effective and will surely help you out. So to prepare this remedy, you will need one glass or around 400 mL of lukewarm water and a pinch of salt (but if you are suffering from high…

Periodic Properties: Ionization Potential

Definition of ionization potential: The amount of energy needed to remove the most loosely bound electron from isolated neutral gaseous atom from its gaseous state to convert it into a unipositive gaseous cation. Unit: eV/atom ( 1 eV = 96.4705 KJ/mole = 23.06 Kcal/mole) Kcal/mole ( 1 Kcal/mole = 4.185 Kj/mole) KJ/mole Factors effecting the magnitude of Ionization Potential Effective nuclear charge: Greater is the magnitude of effective nuclear charge,…


Book: Environmental Soil and Water Chemistry – Principles and Applications Author/s: V. P. Evangelou (University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky) The book consists of two major sections-Principles and Application. Each section covers several major subject areas. The Principles section is divided into the following parts: Water Chemistry and Mineral Solubility Soil Minerals and Surface Chemical Properties Electro-chemistry and Kinetics The Application section also covers several subject areas: Soil Dynamics and Agricultural-Organic…


After finishing this lecture you will be able: Know the five soil forming factors, and understand how they influence on soil properties Learn about the types and textures of soil within a soil profile. Determine soil physical, chemical, and biological properties. Discuss the effects of soil pH on cation-exchange capacity and availability of nutrients. Discuss and understand the importance of essential plant nutrients List the available sources of macro and…

Synthesis of tetraamminecopper(II) sulphate

Preparation of  the complex compound [Cu(NH3)4]SO4, according to the following procedure: Dissolve the supplied sample in 3 mL distilled water, and then add 5 mL concentrate NH3. Precipitate the tetraammine complex by adding drop-wise 5 mL of rectified spirit. After keeping the mixture in cold for an hour, filter the precipitate on a buckner funnel, wash it with 5 mL of 1:1 alcohol-ammonia mixture and finally with 5 mL alcohol…

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